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Damp areas

The ancient delta of the Aude includes the pond of Vendres (Hérault side) and the pond of Pissevaches (Aude side).  Little by little the delta became filled. Nowadays this is a large marshland of several hectares. This unique territory has to cope with the the overflowing river and the soft water resurgences of the Clape and the spectacular « heavy swells » in this part of the Lions Gulf.


The marsh was classified « no building land » by the commune fifteen years ago. It is a conservation area.  It belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral, the commune and some private individuals.  A part of the land is prohibited for hunting, the other part is run by the Hunter Association which watches and counts the migrating birds.


Boars and waterfowl have always been hunted   and are assisted by permanent set up points.


This wide and isolated area of the ancient delta has become a large marshland where birds come to nest; it is really a reservoir for « waterfowl » where the flora stays intact. It will remain a wildlife reserve so long as all users treat it responsibly.