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L’Œil Doux

There is no geological curiosity in Europe as unique as the « ŒIL DOUX » The impressive  abyss offers walkers a most unexpected sight.


The origin of the reappearance  of the water certainly goes back  to the Tertiary. It was born after a fall of the top of one of the many galleries situated under the Clape massive.  Countless numbers of rumours some more hare-brained than others go around about this abyss.  « I’ve heard that Cousteau and his team came to explore the depth but they never found the bottom ».  « It seems to be a lake of the Mediterranean  Sea ».  « People  were drowned  and their bodies never  found. »  The legend told  by old fishermen tells that the lake is so deep  that it would not let the small boat float on its surface… »

In fact, the abyss is surrounded  by high chalky and green cliffs which dominate this green emerald water.

The resurgence presents a depth of about twelve meters. There is only a very small rift which flows into the Mediterranean Sea which stays unfathomable. The sea water comes through this rift and makes the water a little brackish.

THE ŒIL DOUX is a spectacular view point ; a unique frame between garrigue and sea !


:  L’œil Doux is not for swimming.  Nearly every year a diver pay for his carelessness with his life !

This place is not equipped to practise any sport ;  divers and climbers take the highest risks.

Observe these instructions prohibiting swimming, it is for your safety !

To get there, you can park your car :

  • Either on the parking area to the Domain de l’Oustalet and follow the pedestrian path towards the Bergerie
  • Or on the parking area next the road between Fleury and Saint Pierre la mer