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The wifi in Saint Pierre enables the connection to the Internet provider in several places. For this one must be near a WIFI mast (300 m at most) the present cordless nets will them find  (the net  is

identifiable under the name Hotzone – Saint Pierre la mer, Hotzone  - Pissevaches or Hotzone – Rive d’Aude).

Use the map at the back to find out the next mast  for you.

If you have your Wifi connection, navigate with your browser which brings you directly  to the receipt side  of the services offered by the company Osmozis.  All other proceeds online ; several possibilities offer  to you : (1 ½ hour, hour(s), day(s) month(s) and they can take up the totality of the service some minutes  free of

charge. Completely free links (practical and tourist infos) are available to you from the municipality as well as the tourist  office ; next from the station or the campings to requested offers are 

completely usable on the net. 

Good navigation !

Cover from several stations including the camping site Pissevaches Saint Pierre and Rive d’Aude, Cabanes de Fleury. Considerations concerning the expansions  queue (swimming station, campsites and Camper parking lot). 

Infos pratiques :

  • Technical support OSMOZIS : (7/7j-24/24h) or or by e-mail to An engineer calls back between 8am and 8pm (7 days a week from May to the end of September).
  • Unrestricted  call inclusive offers are usable by one single apparatus ; every apparatus change must be applied with the technical support OSMOZIS. The limited all-inclusive offers (ex. 60 minutes).
  • The rest of the time loan can be downloaded on the webpage (accessible from free links) while one connects to the section ‘ mon compte’ with the help of the identification of the preserved connection.
  • IMPORTANTLY :  To switch off the only good way to itself from  the connection insists on interrupting the Wifi connection between the used apparatus and the Osmozis aerial.